entrepreneur (plural entrepreneurs)

  1. A person who takes the risk of turning an opportunity into profit.
  2. A person who takes the risk of managing and operating a business or businesses; term often used: a. for one who does this for one or more businesses that he or she entirely or largely helps to create; b. for one who takes on ownership, or significant ownership, of one or more business franchises.
  3. A person who creates one or more new nonprofit organizations, or one or more units of such organizations, and often has a key part in managing and operating the new entity or entities. Such a person is sometimes referred to as a nonprofit entrepreneur or not-for-profit entrepreneur, and occasionally as a public entrepreneur.
  4. A person who is talented or prolific at developing new programs inside existing organizations.

12 letters in word "entrepreneur": E E E E N N P R R R T U.

No anagrams for entrepreneur found in this word list.

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